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Powerwave Switch Wireless Controller Star White

Powerwave Switch Wireless Controller Star White

SKU: 163395

Powerwave Switch Wireless Controller Star White


Game like a pro with the Powerwave Switch Wireless Controller! Featuring a bright, colourful design and an 8-colour LED lighting effect, this controller is compatible with Nintendo Switch, Lite, and OLED Models as well as offering a wireless connection to PC, Android and IOS 13. The familiar design ensures comfortability during long gaming sessions.


Wireless Bluetooth
3-Speed Dual-Motor Vibration and Motion Controls
PC, Android and IOS 13 Wireless Compatible
4 Programmable Macro Buttons - setup complex inputs, such as special commands for fighting games, which can be activated with one button.
Turbo Mode - allows you to activate rapid fire button commands.
8-Colour Rotating LED Lighting Effect

For use with Nintendo Switch Pro Controller compatible software. The controller works in both TV mode and Tabletop mode. The following functions are not supported: HD Rumble, NFC & IR Camera.

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