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PlayStation 5 Pulse Elite Wireless Headset PS5

PlayStation 5 Pulse Elite Wireless Headset

SKU: 166591

PlayStation 5 Pulse Elite Wireless Headset


Next generation gaming audio
Enjoy extraordinary lifelike sound in your favourite games.

Enter a new era in gaming audio with the PULSE Elite wireless headset. Enjoy extraordinary lifelike sound in your favourite games with planar magnetic drivers, and hear every detail with a lossless, lightning-fast PlayStation Link wireless connection.

Planar magnetic drivers:
These studio-inspired drivers reproduce sound with near-perfect accuracy along the entire audible spectrum, so you can hear games exactly how the developers intended. Immerse yourself in soundscapes packed full of rich, subtle details, while deep bass lets you feel each epic, in-game encounter. Enhance your perception in 3D-Audio-supported PS5 games, as audio cues are positioned with an incredible degree of accuracy across all three dimensions. Pinpoint the exact origin, location and identity of different sounds for split-second reactions in the heat of the moment.

PlayStation Link technology:
Never miss a beat, as new ultra-low latency and lossless PlayStation Link wireless technology delivers sound at lightning-fast speed, without losing a single audible detail in the process. Easily connect and switch between PlayStation Link compatible devices, including your PS5 console, PC, Mac and PlayStation Portal remote player. You can even purchase additional PlayStation Link USB adapters to effortlessly switch from your PS5 console to PC or Mac.

AI-enhanced noise rejection:
Be heard loud and clear with microphone noise-rejection technology. Powered by artificial intelligence, this new technology has been trained to identify, isolate and remove unwanted noises when capturing your voice. Whether it's the hum of a vacuum cleaner, bark of a dog or even the crunch of a snack, chat with confidence knowing your teammates will clearly hear your voice.

Multi-device connectivity:
Go where adventure takes you, with the ability to wirelessly connect to a range of devices, including a PS5 console, PC, Mac, PlayStation Portal remote player, mobile phone and tablet.

Go mobile, by directly connecting your headset to a mobile phone or tablet device.

Dual-device connectivity:
Listen to audio from a PlayStation Link and Bluetooth device simultaneously, to stay in play as you answer calls or enjoy music from a mobile device.

Command and control:
Lead your squad to victory with crystal-clear voice capture and easy-access controls.

Retractable microphone:
Position the integrated, flexible boom mic to best capture your voice, and fully retract it when not in use.

Intuitive controls:
Keep your head in the game with simple and easy-to-access controls, right at your fingertips, including dedicated buttons for quick volume adjustment and mic mute.

Always be ready for great play:
Enjoy epic gaming sessions with up to 30 hours of battery life and quick charging.

Long battery life:
Settle in for those epic gaming sessions with a long-lasting battery life of up to 30 hours from a single charge, so you can play your favourite games uninterrupted, for longer.

Quick charging:
Get back into the action with up to 2 hours of battery life from a 10-minute charge, via the included USB Type-C cable or charging hanger

Charging hanger:
The included companion charging hanger can be attached to desks, tabletops or mounted to the wall, so the headset can be displayed alongside your gaming set-up and will be good to go whenever you're ready for your next game.

Play in comfort:
Whether you're dipping in for a quick few rounds or settling in for a long session, the PULSE Elite wireless headset's refined plush ear cups enable a wide range of motion, while the headband strap suspension keeps it feeling light.

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