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Persona 5 Tactica  PS4

Persona 5 Tactica

SKU: 165708

Persona 5 Tactica 


Persona 5 Tactica
Orpheus Picaro Skin
Izanagi Picaro Skin

After a strange incident, the Phantom Thieves wander into a bizarre realm where its citizens are living under tyrannical oppression. Surrounded by a military group named Legionnaires, they
find themselves in grave danger until a mysterious revolutionary named Erina rescues them and offers an enticing deal in exchange for their help. What truth lies behind Erina and the deal she offers to the Phantom Thieves?

Key Features:
An Emotional Revolution Lead an uprising of the heart in a brand new storyline that takes place in Persona's iconic universe.

Build Your Dream Squad Assemble a team of beloved heroes to fight oppressive armies in thrilling turn-based combat.

Dynamic Combat Overthrow your enemies with powerful Personas, an assortment of weapons, and wipe them out with style.

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