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PDP Switch Rematch Wired Controller Hyrule Blue

PDP Switch Rematch Wired Controller Hyrule Blue

SKU: 165543

PDP Switch Rematch Wired Controller Hyrule Blue


Ready for a rematch? With the customisable features, in-game audio, and USB-chat capabilities, the Rematch Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch is fit to defeat any foe.

The Hyrule Blue Rematch Wired Controller is built for social gaming without the hassle of a workaround. Use your favourite headset with the built-in 3.5mm jack for USB-chat in compatible titles, immersive audio in all games, or so you don't bother your roommates or loved ones while you're gaming. With audio controls on the D-pad, you'll never need to interrupt gameplay to adjust the volume. Enhance your gaming with the dual programmable back buttons for quicker reactions, and get comfy on the couch with the 10-foot USB cable. With the officially licensed REMATCH Wired Controller, you'll be ready for anything the game, or your enemy, throws your way.

Key Features:

Use the 3.5mm jack for audio in all games and USB-chat for those that support it.
Easily adjust your game volume using the D-pad on the controller.
Customise your gameplay with dual programmable back buttons.
10-foot USB cable for plenty of room to play comfortably on the couch.
Officially licensed by Nintendo.

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