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inFamous Second Son PS4

inFamous Second Son

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inFamous Second SoninFamous Second Son


After the conclusion of inFAMOUS 2, Cole MacGrath made the ultimate sacrifice to save humanity from the Beast. Seven years after Cole's death, the last remaining superhumans have become the target of a newly formed government agency, the Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P), an oppressive organization tasked with apprehending these powerful superhumans and labeling them as bioterrorists. Near Delsin's Native American reservation of Salmon Bay, a group of superhumans escape into Seattle after their transport vehicle crashes causing the D.U.P. to immediately lock down the city with emergency security measures. A witness to the accident, Delsin rushes in to help only to discover he is one of them, and will soon realize the impact of his decisions will ultimately change the future of everyone around him. Resistant to authority and convinced his potential for greatness lies within his newfound abilities, Delsin becomes determined to take down the D.U.P and make a difference in the world.

New Origin Story - Experience a new origin story through the eyes of Delsin Rowe, a defiant 24 year old Seattle native, who makes the bold decision to challenge authority for what he believes is right.

Multiple Powers - A franchise first, players have the ability to control not just one, but multiple powers including smoke, neon and more.

Impact of Player Choice - Experience the consequences of being superhuman. Witness how the city, the people you encounter, and even the story itself is all affected by the decisions you make throughout Delsin's journey.

Freedom of Movement -Second Son features a rich open-world that Delsin can easily traverse and explore using his superhuman abilities.

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