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Harvest Moon The Winds of Anthos PS5

Harvest Moon The Winds of Anthos

SKU: 165596

Harvest Moon The Winds of Anthos


Anthos was a peaceful land guarded by the Harvest Goddess and Harvest Sprites, protecting its inhabitants from natural disasters. However, a volcanic eruption devastated the region, requiring the protectors to exhaust their power safeguarding the people and animals of Anthos. Villages were separated and unfortunate souls were trapped, unable to return.

The Harvest Goddess, believing in future reconnection, sent a message in a bottle before falling into a deep sleep. Now, 10 years later, you discover the SOS. With the help of your inventive friend Doc Jr., you must revive the Harvest Goddess and Sprites while reuniting the villages. Explore and farm across Anthos using Doc's Expando-Farm, spanning snowy mountains to beautiful beaches.

Key Features:

Keep and raise different kinds of cows, chickens, and sheep in your barn! Find exotic animals to keep out in the wild of Anthos.
Woo five different bachelors and 5 different bachelorettes! Marry whoever your heart desires.
Keep unique pets like wolves and ferrets.
Collect rare and seasonal seeds from Harvest Wisps hidden all over Anthos.
Explore the wide world of Anthos on foot or unique mounts!
Fast travel around the world using the Harvest Goddess' Warp Statues.
Take pictures, selfies, and more!

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