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EA Sports UFC 5 PS5

EA Sports UFC 5

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EA SPORTS UFC 5 is as real as it gets. Powered by Frostbite engine's advanced rendering capabilities, your favorite fighters now have unparalleled character likenesses to complement next-level environment fidelity that'll make their walk to the Octagon feel like a PPV main event. The all-new Real Impact System brings the intensity and strategy of a fight to life, as cuts and strikes absorbed can affect mobility, defence, stamina, and more. Take too much damage, and the doctor could stop the fight. For lovers of the ground game, Seamless Submissions makes grappling feel more fluid and realistic than ever before. And if you like to admire your handiwork, new Cinematic K.O. Replays capture your fight-ending finishes in all their punishing glory. UFC 5 updates with fresh new Fight Week content, features, and challenges every single month around real-world UFC events. Plus, Alter Egos offer new versions of your favourite fighters to play with every month. Bring the next evolution of the fight game home with UFC 5.

Authentic damage comes with authentic results. If the player sustains a significant injury - like a broken nose or swollen eye - the ref can now step in, pause the action, and get the ringside doctor to inspect the damage. If the player is unable to shift tactics and protect that injured area from getting hit, just like in the real-life Octagon, the doctor might stop the fight. This gives players more strategic opportunities for players to either thrive or survive.

It's a striking evolution. UFC 5 features all-new animations for ground and pound elbows, spinning attacks, and several other punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Plus, new striking animations emulate heavy hitters, professional kickboxers, and more, giving you all new ways to stand and bang. In addition, new hit reaction animations and physics make sure you feel the impact of a clean connection.

The new Seamless Submissions functions as a revamped extension of the existing grappling systems with faster animations and the removal of mini-games. Beginners can use Grapple Assist for help on the canvas, while veterans will have new depths to uncover and enjoy. The new submissions offer a smoother, more authentic ground game that is sure to be a grappler's delight.

From newly added draws in offline and online play to realistic updates to how the ref steps in to save a downed fighter from too much ground-and-pound; the number of ways a fight can end has grown in number and authenticity in UFC 5.

UFC 5 is truly an extension of the UFC fan experience, and there's no better example than the all-new Fight Week challenges, features, and content that connect them with blockbuster UFC cards in a way that's never been done before.

Fight Picks:
Now available before real-world UFC events, players can make predictions for the main card of every PPV. Players are automatically seeded into Fight Picks leaderboard pools after making their picks, with custom friend leaderboards also accessible. Following the event, top-ranking players on the leaderboard will earn UFC Coins.

Fight Week Contracts:
Fight Week Contracts give players a daily fight offer where they can take on AI opponents under preset gameplay settings. Players can earn in-game currency by showing up and winning, while the difficulty of the contracts increases over the course of the week. The player's cumulative wins, losses, and finishes are tracked in the Contracts tab.

Alter Egos:
From looks to abilities, all-new Alter Egos let you play as your favorite fighters in their authentic career-defining moments (i.e. a fighter's iconic UFC debut, when they captured the title, and more), along with Alter Egos that can only happen in UFC 5.

Punch Card:
Play the game to earn your way through a set of predetermined rewards, including in-game currency, player profile customizations, created fighter Vanity Items, and Alter Egos. In addition, completing Profile Challenges rewards players with XP that levels up their Punch Card's earning capability.

Players asked for it; we answered. Online Career includes skill-based matchmaking, division progression, and title chases across four divisions. Players can compete with a different Created Fighter in each division, allowing players to showcase multiple character customizations and Vanity Items.

Online Fighter Evolution:
Fighting in Online Career matches earns Evolution Points which can be used to improve your Created Fighter's attributes, moves, and perks. Once a player reaches the level cap for a fighter, they'll prestige, which will reset their evolution to the starting point for a new fighter but increase the level cap and unlock access to additional moves and perks.

XP Boosts:
XP Boosts increase the rate that players earn Evolution Points while competing in Online Career fights for a limited time. Boosts can be acquired as in-game rewards, giving players more incentive to get into the Octagon.

Career Mode has an all-new introduction, bringing back Coach Davis to guide the player through their UFC career with new cinematics, new locations, and a refined focus on onboarding. An upgrade to training camps lets players simulate their training camp and sparring drills to reach peak fitness and get to the fights faster. Plus, sparring sessions will include Challenge Packs, which earn players a grade based on the number of challenges completed.

A restructuring of the Fight Now experience offers a whole suite of authentic MMA/UFC match types to the fan-favorite mode, including Main Card, Main Event, Championship, Backyard, and Kumite.
Game Styles

Players can now customize their preferred individual play styles in all game modes. From Simulation game style, that uses real-time rounds and increased damage and stamina drain to emulate an authentic fighting experience, to Knockout that turns off health regeneration and applies unlimited stamina and combinations, or Stand and Bang, which keeps the action strictly on the feet - the choice is yours.

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